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3M™ Soft Foam Ear Plug 1120 and 3M™ Corded Soft Foam Ear Plug 1130

Soft foam helps reduce pressure in the ear canal for improved comfort

Patented articulated shape for improved fit.

Rolls down small for easier insertion and fit for small ear canals

Hypo-allergenic material

Bright orange color for visibility

Combine with ear muffs for additional protection

Noise Reduction Rating: 28dB*

Available in corded and uncorded versions

3M™ Foam Ear Plug 1100 and 3M™ Corded Foam Ear Plug 1110

3M offers a wide variety of solutions to help reduce noise exposure. A full line of comfortable, easy-to-use hearing protectors, including ear plugs, ear muffs, and banded hearing protectors are available from 3M.

Smooth dirt resistant surface and tapered shape fit the ear canal and provide added comfort and hygiene

Hypo-allergenic material

Each package is easy to dispense

Noise Reduction Rating: 29dB*

Available in corded and uncorded versions

Multi-flanged plugs stay securely in ear canal

Soft cloth cord lays flat

Washable and reusable

Bright orange color for visibility

Noise Reduction Rating: 24dB*

Available in corded, uncorded and corded with carrying case

New, translucent blue

Softer, flexible material for better comfort

Two corded options: soft, braided cord or plastic cord

3-flange design fits securely in the ear

Finger grip stem for easy insertion and to help keep ear plugs clean

Elastic material does not contain silicone, so earplugs may be used in sensitive work environments, such as automotive painting

Noise Reduction Rating: 25dB*

3M™ Banded Hearing Protector 1310 and 3M™ Replacement Pads 1311

Flexible band makes fitting easy

Maintains low pressure over a wide range of head sizes

Replacement tips are cost effective and easy to replace

Noise Reduction Rating: 21dB when worn behind the head and 20dB when worn under the chin*

Smooth, dirt resistant surface for hygiene

Lightweight, padded headband with tension adjustment

Contoured ear cushion in multi-position ear cup gives enhanced fit

Replaceable cushions and molded noise suppression inserts

Noise Reduction Rating: 24dB*

General purpose ear muffs

Wide, forked headband and multi-position large ear cup help create a secure fit

Lightweight design

Replaceable, soft sealing cushions

Noise Reduction Rating: 23dB*

Ear defender with ABS and synthetic foam ear protection. Low pressure pads. Adjustable arch. SNR: 26dB

Ear protection: ABS and synthetic foam
Weight:136g Size: Single


It’s our most popular earplug in the world. The Classic earplug’s timeless design has proven itself in the field for over 30 years, and its foam provides a comfortable, effective seal while exerting low pressure in the ear. It’s easy to insert and it provides great protection.

The EXPRESS Pod Plug earplug make fitting easy; there’s no roll-down needed. Just use the soft, flexible grip to push the plug into position. Because you don’t touch the foam during fitting, it’s one of the most hygienic earplugs available.

Grab young workers by the ears with metallic-look foam, screw grip and twist-to-seal design. These plugs bring a new radical attitude to the workplace that’s sure to boost weartime with younger workers.

Comfort meets performance when the Swerve banded hearing protector incorporates a cutting-edge band design with the proven effectiveness of E-A-R foam earplugs. The result is hearing protection like you’ve never seen, heard, or felt before.

Choosing the right earmuff for workers is a critical decision. A muff with too little attenuation leaves workers vulnerable to noise induced hearing damage. One with too high of a protection level can “overprotect” and make it difficult to hear voices, signals, and make a worker feel isolated… a common reason sited for non-compliance. Now there’s an easy solution. Just match the numbers to the noise levels.

Special, soft and smooth foam formulation with the highest NRR available. Offered in a range of sizes as well as in corded and uncorded models.

Talk about earplugs that can do it all. They’re comfortable, hygienic and reusable. No sizing is required for these patented, premolded, triple-flange plugs. No inventory headaches from managing multiple sizes. And of course, E-A-R™ premolded plugs are available in a variety of styles and corded options.

E-A-R Push-Ins earplugs combine the ease of use and fit benefits of a reusable earplug with the cost and comfort advantages of a disposable earplug. It’s all made possible with the innovative, easy-to-use design and the ultra-soft performance of a tip made of EARform™ foam. The thermoreactive foam softens with body heat.

Because even the toughest workers like the softest earplugs, SofTouch Foam earplugs are designed to be our softest Push-Ins earplugs. The cushiony shape seals as well as it feels.

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