An abrasives is a material, often a mineral, that is used to shape or finish a workpiece through rubbing which leads to part of the workpiece being worn away. While finishing a material often means polishing it to gain a smooth, reflective surface it can also involve roughening as in satin, matte or beaded finishes.

Abrasives are extremely commonplace and are used very extensively in a wide variety of industrial, domestic, and technological applications. This gives rise to a large variation in the physical and chemical composition of abrasives as well as the shape of the abrasive. Common uses for abrasives include grinding, polishing, buffing, honing, cutting, drilling, sharpening,lapping, and sanding. (For simplicity, “mineral” in this article will be used loosely to refer to both minerals and mineral-like substances whether man-made or not.)

Files act by abrasion but are not classed as abrasives as they are a shaped bar of metal. However, diamond files are a form of coated abrasive (as they are metal rods coated with diamond powder).

Designed for top performance and value on a variety of critical deburring and finishing applications. SC wheels divided into a few families which are LD, EXL, Metal Finishing, Cut & Polish, Multi Purpose and Unitized.

The unique resin system helps to minimize smearin and the wheels show superior performance on stainless steel, titanium and high nickel alloys.

Flap brushes are constructed by bonding one edge of Scotch-Brite material to a steel or fibreglass core. Each of the brushes offers unique cleaning or finishing capabilities, based on the different combinations of mineral, grade and density available. Scotch-Brite brushes deliver a superior finish and a cleaner work surface.

They are generate a consistent anchor pattern to improve the surface for better coating adhesion and produce a more consistent scratch pattern for a superior appearance.

Scotch-Brite belts for metal cleaning, blending and deburring. This new addition to the Scotch-Brite family of non-woven belts offers:
Durability - Unique construction allows it to last up to twice as long as competitive products.
Aggressive cut - Higher cut rate compared to other non-woven products, can contribute to fewer process steps.
User-friendly - Non-woven belts provide a consistent and uniform finish without gouging the work piece.
Consistent cut - Consistent cut rate after initial breakdown makes the belt a great choice for robotic and automatic applications.
The firm, stretch-resistant backing is suited for high belt tensions.

Designed to offer the user a flexible and conformable abrasive for general purpose cleaning, blending, prep work and finishing without damaging the work piece.

Available in a variety of webs, grades and sizes. Scotch-Brite rolls are conformable and follow surface contours, eliminating undercutting and surface leveling. Replaces steel wool.

Use for paint, rust and corrosion removal, light deburring, mild polishing, scuffing, or cosmetic finishing.

A full line of coated abrasive belts for use in sanding, grinding, deburring, blending, finishing and polishing applications.

The combination of several minerals, resin systems and backings results in a wide variety of products to meet requirements for use on most wood or metal surfaces.

Trust Scotch-Brite Discs to leave an outstanding finish.

Scotch-Brite SC discs provide the high quality finish you expected and the finish is consistent throughout the long life of the disc. This means less rework and less time spent finishing parts.

Consistent cut rate through its Long Life Scotch-Brite SC discs don't compromise on cut rte or cut consistency, which is sustained through the disc life allowing for quicker completion of blending and finishing tasks.

Cubitron abrasive provides high cut while the flexible plastic brings superior cleaning to a wide variey of surfae areas, without damaging the work piece. Eliminates flying wires common with tradition wet brushes.

Unlike most abrasive, Scotch-Brite discs are flexible in order to penetrate and conform to irregular surfaces. YOu can expert a consistent finish even on the most complex parts.

Angled for better surface coverage
Fast cutting disc with exceptionally long life
Works great on a wide variety of metals
Available in convenient "Quick Change" option
Alumina zirconia, Aluminium Oxide

Faster cut rates with less pressure for longer periods of time provide you with
Increased productivity
Increased throughput
A more comfortable work environment
Lowe cost/grind

Strong paper backing provides durability & increase cut rate
Open/semi coat minimize loading

Consistent finishes
High Performances
Uniform Cut Rate
Reduce Operator Fatigue

Type 27
Bonded abrasive wheel
Provides a high rate of stock removal & long life
Flexible grinding disc
Cut-off wheels
Flexible rigid grinding disc

This disc is an extra-coarse open-web disc for stripping, weld cleaning, and rust and paint removal on all surfaces

Higher durability and cut rate compared to coating removal disc.

General purposes flap wheel delivers consistent finish & uniform cut.

Used dry or with water, 3M™ Wetordry™ Paper Sheets enable the user to rinse areas of the workpiece and the sheet during use to prevent dust and debris from clogging the points of the abrasive and reduce air-borne dust, while producing a faster cut at the same time. These versatile sheets are ideal on surfaces that tend to generate a lot of dust, such as paint and primer; and can also be used dry for finishing metal and gel coats. In the marine industry they are used for sanding old finishes, fine feather edging, and surface work. The standard 9 inch x 11 inch sheets can be cut to size for the application.

Used for deburring, cleaning, finishing edgework & polishing of internal diameters on parts

Perfect for pipe & tubing

Cartridge rolls excel at getting too hard to reach places. They expose new layers of abrasive cartridge rolls are available in reguar and full taper design.

Higher durability and cut rate compared to coating removal disc.

3M Imperial Lapping Film is our premium, precision abrasive for producing a super-fine, super-consistent finish. A high strength polyester backing provides a uniform base for a coating of micrograded mineral particles that are uniformly dispersed for greater finishing efficiency. A carefully controlled resin bond ensures a consistent reliable, and repeatable finish. Clean room coating and converting ensures contaminant-free products.

3M Imperial Diamond Lapping Film offer a repeatable, precision finish on extremely hard materials. It combines micron-graded diamond particles, a resin bonding system and a highly uniform polyester film backing for a cleaner, more consistent alternative to diamond compounds or slurries.

Aluminum Oxide – YF wt. Cloth

General purpose grinding, blending and finishing on all metals

3M™ Cubitron™ Abrasive Grain

Cloth backing

Grinding aid

A unique and aggressive material for cleaning and finishing

Sturdy, long lasting web material is great for heavy industrial cleaning and light deburring applications

Works well for stropping and other bench applications

3M™ Cubitron™ Abrasive Grain

Grinding aid

Aluminum Zirconia – Fibre

Versatile disc for use on a wide variety of metals

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