Maintenance, Repair and Operations present tough challenges. For every challenge, you have literally thousands of product solutions and not enough hours in the day to investigate them all. That’s where MRO solutions can help you. From equipment maintenance and repairs, to facilities clean up and safety compliance, you’ll find everything you need to maintain a smooth operation, including key MRO essentials. These solutions are designed to help you work smarter and to get tough jobs done more quickly and more easily to save you time and labor.


• Same as aerosol Adhesive Remover

Portable dispenser with durable metal construction for carton sealing

Accommodates filament tape up to 1" (24mm) for high volume applications with fewer stops

Quickly and easily refillable.

Lightweight, compact, hand-held dispenser

For pressure sensitive tapes up to 72mm wide x 55m (3" wide x 60 yds.) on 3" cores

Sturdy metal construction for durable, long-life performance.

Durable, heavy-duty metal dispenser

Provides a quick and easy method of applying H-seal and center-seam closures of RSCs

Lightweight steel construction

Adaptable for a variety of on-the-spot applications

Accommodates tapes up to 2" (48mm) wide on a 3" core.

Hand braking system lets you control the amount of tape you use

Popular, light, plastic, contoured hand held dispenser

Small and portable, yet allows you to dispense tape up to 2" wide on a 3" core

Hand-held, roll-on, pistol-grip dispenser

Designed to reduce the noise of tape unwind during application

Sturdy, durable, and easy to load and operate

Metal and high-impact plastic construction

Includes “mousetrap” tape brake

Same features as the H150 dispenser

Metal and high-impact plastic construction

Includes “mousetrap” tape brake

Hand held, portable and easy to use roll-on motion

Features an adjustable tape brake allowing control of tension and delivery

Dispenses tapes 2" wide and is constructed of plastic and metal

Recommended for center seam sealing of RSC boxes

Metal and high-impact plastic construction for durability and long-life performance

Hand-held dispenser features adjustable tape break

Tape tension can be controlled with tape roll break

High impact plastic construction

Seals cartons easily and secures a smooth, one-handed roll-on motion

Unique spring-loaded bar maintains constant tension during tape application

Use in areas where foot and vehicle traffic is a concern

Will sorb non aggressive liquids while enduring the punishment of being tread upon

Durable and versatile

Use in industrial maintenance applications

Absorbs 32 gallons per rug

Tube-like shape is ideal for placing around machinery to contain spills and prevent leaks from spreading into adjacent work areas

3 inch diameter scrim on the outside of the boom identifies the use while containing particulate sorbent material designed for the application

Absorbs 12 gallons per case

Low-profile design can be easily placed in tight areas

Ideal for cleaning up small spills and wiping down contaminated areas

Has a scrim on one side to increase strength and help eliminate linting

Conveniently sized, allows the user to quickly spread sorbent over and in the path of a spill

Can also be used on a work surface in anticipation of a spill or as a wipe

Absorbs 37.5 gallons per bale

This highly sorbent pad features a low-profile design for easy placement in tight areas

Ideal for cleaning up small spills and wiping down contaminated areas

Absorbs 43.5 gallons per bale

Inhibits rust and corrosion by spreading a thin, even film that actually penetrates the pores of the surface

It displaces moisture and “dries out” electrical parts and equipment to help prevent shorting and increase conductivity

Spray it on to free rusted, frozen bolts, nuts, and screws

Lubricate delicate machines and precision instruments

Penetrates and demoisturizes

Ideal as a tapping lubricant for stainless steel and aluminum

Contains no methylene chloride, 1, 1, 1-trichloroethane or chlorofluorocarbons

Multi-purpose cleaner

Will dissolve and flush away dirt, grease, tar, most noncuring type adhesive films and similar substances

Citrus oil-based cleaner that emulsifies when flushed with water

Contains no petroleum distillates

Use to clean and degrease metal parts, motors, tools, printing presses and concrete

Contains no methylene chloride, 1, 1, 1-trichlorofluorocarbons

3M™ Maintenance Sorbents: Fast acting, highly absorbent, easy to use and absorb almost any type of non-aggressive liquids such as oils, coolants, hydraulic fluids and water. Its high fluid capacity means the need to change the sorbent is less frequent, saving on material, labor and disposal costs.

Easy-to-use solution for cleaning up spills, drips and fluid leaks

Versatile: can be used in pillow, pad, roll or boom configuration

Scrim on one side to increase strength and help eliminate linting

Dispenses from a carrying/dispenser box in the form of a continuous roll

Less waste: perforated every 16 inches so you can select the length required

Absorbs 31.5 gallons per case

Applications range from maintenance to spill response

• Fast drying, long lasting
• Contains no petroleum oils
• Up to 350°F (177°C) resistance
• Non-staining

• Provides “tape-like” bonds
• Adheres in seconds
• Permits materials to be repositioned
• Resists bleeding, staining or wrinkling
• Smooth glue line
• Clear

• Strong, one-surface bonds
• High temperature resistance
• Low misting, precise spray control
• Variable width spray pattern

• Bonds expanded or extruded polystyrene and other insulation materials to themselves and to other surfaces without degrading the foam
• Fast drying
• Bonds with strength greater than foam itself
• Spray pattern width adjusts from 1”-5”
• High coverage

• Fast holding strength
• Strong carton-tearing strength in five minutes
• Non-misting, precise spray control

• Fast tack
• High coverage
• Low soak-in

• Fast tack
• Holds labels to nearly any surface
• No residual tack, stays clean around the label
• Moisture resistant

• Removes adhesive, labels, grease, and oil from many substrates
• Food grade
• No filmy residue
• Citrus base

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