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An economical alternative for short term eye protection. Can be worn alone or over prescription glasses. Polycarbonate Lens. Usually used by plant visitors.

Safety Goggles feature a wrap-around design for greater peripheral vision, anti-fog coating to minimize fogging and a hard-coated polycarbonate lens offering scratch resistance and 99% reduction.

Designed for workers who have difficulty reading small print or are engaged in small detail work. Light Vision reader protective eyewear features magnifying diopters and adjustable hands-free, dual LED bulbs for darker work environments.

Brought to you by one of the world's leading manufacturers of welding shields and safety equipment, the 3M Speedglas Series Welding Helmets offer superior comfort and protection that you can rely on. Available with or without powered or supplied air respiratory protection and coupled with 3M's exceptional quality, technical expertise and service excellence; the 3M Speedglas will help to make your life and that of your workforce easier, healthier, safer and more productive.

The coolest eyewear line just got cooler. Inspired by the internationally popular TV show. Orange County Choppers Safety Eyewear has the edgy styling and solid performance which lets you hold on tight and take compliance for a ride!

A distinctive contemporary look, metal frames and comfortable spatula temples set the Metaliks family of safety eyewear apart from the competition.

Lexa safety eyewear provides a unique combination of performance, comfort, fit, and application versatility. Lexa safety eyewear is a patented eyewear system with individual solutions for specific eye protection problems. The Lexa safety eyewear system includes task-specific lens tints and shades, including the indoor/outdoor mirror lens with no backside reflection and the MinimIzeR™ lens that helps reduce workers’ exposure to welder’s “flash burn.” Plus, Lexa safety eyewear can be transformed into a dust or splash goggle with GoggleGear™ accessories, which makes it a true eyewear system. And now, we’ve improved upon this system with the addition of diopter reader lenses.


Tough by design, Maxim safety eyewear has more lens choices for more applications. Without sacrificing style, comfort, or fit, even the toughest standards are pushed to the max with Maxim safety eyewear.

Tour-Guard safety eyewear is an economical choice when you need safety glasses for visitors. Tour-Guard eyewear can be worn alone or the design allows it to fit over most prescription glasses.

With a wide-angle wrap around design, Centurion goggles offer exceptional “side-to-side” peripheral vision. This “open” viewing range gives workers a non-restrictive feel and helps promote longer wear time.

It changes so workers don’t need to. The days of buying indoor and outdoor safety eyewear are over. Let there be light. Let there be dark. Let there be Smart Lens photochromic eyewear.

Moon Dawg eyewear proves that safety can look cool. Protect wearers’ eyes and their image with these surf-inspired safety eyewear; ideal for outdoor safety sun wear.

Better fit means better protection. Refine safety eyewear is specially sized for the female profile. It fits closer and more proportionally to the eyes, cheeks, and brow. The result is better coverage with fewer gaps to help prevent dangerous flying debris from reaching eyes. Refine your style, refine your view on safety.

Versatile, value, Virtua safety eyewear. The Virtua safety eyewear line combines outstanding style, protection and affordability. With numerous frame styles, lens tints and coatings, adjustability features and coverage profiles, the Virtua safety eyewear line can meet the needs for eye protection requirements.

The brightest idea in safety eyewear. Don’t be left in the dark anymore. Light Vision 2 safety eyewear has lights mounted on each temple to provide handsfree task lighting. The LED systems provide ultra-bright beams and swivel/adjust for directional convenience. Of course, this lighting advantage is coupled with impact protection.

Lexa's Gogglegear series joins together with the Lexa lens to create lightweight, wide, comfortable and stylish splash and dust goggles.

Designed for workers who have difficulty reading small print or are engaged in small detail work. Lexa reader protective eyewear features magnifying diopters and lightweight, anti-fog lenses with multiple lens options, angles and temple lengths.

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